Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pretty and Simple

Good Morning,

Today I'm going to share my favorite decor from the Bridal Shower... it's easy to make and you can change it to fit any season!

Ughh, I can't stand when a photo doesn't do justice - our dinning room has very little natural light and makes everything look like we live in a cave!  These branches were so cute and sweet and EASY!  I loved making them!  The most expensive thing on them was the raffia!  Can you believe it?

I grabbed a few branches from my Brother's backyard, (they have all kinds of trees that are constantly being trimmed!), bought the flowers from the Dollar Tree and cut and sewed the book page pennants from an old book of mine.

I hot glued the flowers and leaves to the branches and hung faux crystals from fishing line from the branches to add extra sparkle.  I tied on the raffia and the pennant banner and then we suspended the branches from the ceiling on either side of our dinning room light fixture.

If you were sitting under the branches for the shower, this is what you'd see when you looked up. 

I'm planning on keeping these pretty little things up through spring.  They're over our dining room table and it's nice to walk in and see a burst of spring in a normally boring dinning room.

I do need to give credit where credit it do, tho - I didn't come with this idea, Collective Journey's talented  Decorators, Deana and Shelly, came up with this idea a while back and just change the decor that hangs from the branches for the different seasons and themes of the store.

All in all, if you want a fun spring or shower craft that is inexpensive and easy to make, these are for you!  Each branch cost well under $5 and you can get most of your supplies at the Dollar Tree and outdoors!

Have a great day!

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