Thursday, March 8, 2012

A few more Shower decor ideas...

Today I'll be sharing 2 decor projects that I made for the shower... it seems that if something stands still long enough in my house, I'll decorate it.  I'll find a way to cover it with flowers or fabric or sparkles.  Don't fall asleep on the couch around here, you'll wake up with a new hair-do and your clothes may have been modified!

I found this bird cage at Tai Pan Trading Company, which is a store in Ontario that is all about home decor and seasonal decor.  They typically have great prices and fun decorating ideas.  If you live in the area, it's worth a trip! 

So, I grabbed the plain cage (which was $15 - not bad!) and tried to think of how I would use it... I wanted to add flowers to it, but I didn't want something permanent so I grabbed some tulle ribbon and wrapped it in a semi-circle around the cage.  I then grabbed my hot glue gun and went to work.  I used the left over flowers (from the Dollar Tree) and glued them to the tulle.  I cut strips of burlap and tied them onto the bars of the birdcage.

For the inside of the cage, my MIL found a tall standing birds nest.  It was too tall, so she cut off about half of the sticks.  I grabbed more burlap to add around the base of the "nest".  I cut a strip of burlap and then pulled a string from the center of the strip and pulled it so it gathered the burlap into ruffles.  I then took a paper plate and hot glued the nest to the center and then glued the ruffles around the base of the nest onto the plate so that the base of the bird cage would be nice and full and I wouldn't have to worry about it getting messed up and me having to fix it every time we moved it!

The next project that I'm sharing is a spring tree...

My husband gave me this tree for our anniversary - he's hung candy from it because I had asked him to plant a candy tree in the backyard.  I've kept it around, you've see it used for Thanksgiving and Christmas - it's an awesome prop for seasonal decor!

I grabbed more left over flowers and leaves and, luckily, they fit right onto the branches!  No hot glue needed, which was great because I didn't want anything permanent on the tree!  We tied more raffia and hung crystals from the different branches.  I punched out small hearts with a Fiskars punch and then sewed them together create a long, heart banner.

And last, I rested the embroidered tree truck with their initials against the trunk of the tree.  Pretty cute, huh?  I had planned on hanging it, but I liked the look for the embroidered tree on the real tree.  I also added more ruffled burlap along the base/stand of the tree along with little spheres of grass.  We threw some crystals in there to add some bling.

That's it!  A bird cage and a tree that are all decorated for Spring! 
Tomorrow I'll be sharing the table decors and a great, inexpensive runner!

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