Friday, March 9, 2012

Change in Plans...Budget Bathroom Makeover Day!

Good Morning!  Happy Friday!

I love Fridays - Friday's kinda feel like the weekend... Friday's seem like a fun day, like you really shouldn't work at work on Friday or, if you're a SAHM like me, like you should do something fun with your little on Friday. 

I was planning on posting about the table decor from the shower today, specifically a burlap table runner that my AWESOME and SWEET Sister-In-Law, Christine, made for me for the shower!  Holla to great SIL!  But, the pictures didn't do the tablescape justice, so I was going to reset the table outside in natural light and take the pictures... but didn't get around to it yesterday, so I'm sharing something different today!


When we moved into our home 3.5 years ago, I loathed the extra bath.  Everything in it was original to 1981 except for the tub.  Not that the tub is anything special. at. all.  I painted the bathroom during nap, well, kinda painted, about 2.5 years ago.  I painted it a very light blue because we had leftover paint from the playroom.  I never finished painting - I never cut in or did the corners... it was u.g.l.y.  The vanity was a gross brown, the mirror was a full wall mirror that sat directly over the ugly counter.  The light fixture was probably from 1971 - I think the home builder was using old supplies or something because that fixture couldn't even have been pretty in 1981!  Anyway, the bathroom was disgusting and, since we only have 2 bathrooms (the other one is in the Master Suite), it was finally at the top of my to-do list.

So, my A-MA-ZING husband tackled it a few weeks ago.  I don't have BEFORE pictures (bummer), but I'll walk you through the transformation.

So, as I mentioned before, the vanity cabinets in the bathroom were origionally a gross, ugly brown.  So, instead of buying a new cabinet/sink combo (some day we will), the husband refinished it.  It took A LOT of coats of white paint to get it looking nice, I think probably 7-8?  But I love the clean white look of it.  We found some door and drawer pulls that we'll get when we have a little extra change, but it's okay without them for now.  Also, it's hard to tell, but that yellow rug is microfiber!  It's fun and so soft!  Love it!  Got it from Home Goods for $14!

Onto the mirror.  As I mentioned before, we had a full wall mirror in there.  Now, since we are makeover-er's on a budge, we tried really hard to reuse the mirror.  My Mother-in-law brought over some old frames that we could reuse and the DH bought a glass cutter.  He tried 2 different times to cut the glass down and each time, part of the mirror broke off.  Bummer.  So, we bought this mirror at Home Goods for $35.  It fit's perfectly.  It's not a bright white, like the cabinet, but it has a really nice thin yellow pinstripe all around it, which ties in perfectly.  The light fixture, well, it came from the trash.  Looks like someone else threw it away because it didn't have the light covers.  Ridiculous.  Such waste.  So, the DH dug it from the trash and we bought new covers for $8 from Home Depot.

And this is my favorite part of the bathroom.  The DH put up beadboard on the only almost full wall.  We painted it the same white as the cabinet.  And we painted the whole bathroom green.  It's Spring Moss by Behr.  Adam picked it out... and I love it too!  I wanted a fun, youthful bathroom but I really didn't want a themed bath, like a toystory and rubber duckie bath.  I wanted this bathroom is be useful for years. 

The "FRESH" letters I got from Joanns.  I think they were $1.98 each.  They were plain wooden letters, so I painted them gray and painted the edges white and then sprayed a high gloss coat on them.  I'm not sure about the gray... I might end up painting them white or decopauging them.  I don't know... what do you think?  I really wanted old, metal, vintage letters in different sizes and colors, but, remember, makeover-er on a budget!

I bought this old crate for $4 from a Vintage Flea Market - Matilda's Mouse.  I love that it says ACME on the crate.

I found this french flash card at Miltida's Mouse too - I thought it would be perfect since it was a faucet.  I stood it up in an old floral form that I've had for a while - found at a yard sale for $1!

I painted the inside of the crate a bright yellow.  It's called Summer Sun by Behr.  I then put an old yellow Bingo Card, a jar full of old clothepins and a vintage party horn in the crate as well.  We often have Bingo Parites in the bath!  Okay, not really, I just picked them because they're yellow.

I bought this CD Wooden crate from Joann's and painted it Egg Yolk Yellow by Behr.  I added an old, metal #3 sign since there's 3 of us.  I stood the 3 in another floral form.

I also found an old, folding ruler and put it in the top opening of the CD Crate - just because I liked it.

And sitting on top of the crate is an old Water Dept. Light - it was in the garage and super dirty so I grabbed Simple Green and a scrub brush and went to town.  It's as clean as it's going to get.  But I think the Water Dept. Light, the French Faucet Flash Card and the Beadboard are my favorite parts of the bathroom.  Oh, and the shower curtain, which was on sale at West Elm.  They also have a yellow and white stripe one, but I wanted the grey neautral in case we ever change the bathroom.

  And last, I cut this "Get NAKED" from my Silhouette in yellow vinyl.  I used the transfer paper and centered it on the tub.  Just in case someone needed direction for the bath. 

That's it!  Oh, and the yellow/gray and white striped towels are DKNY and I found them at, yep, Home Goods.

Have a great weekend!  I'll see you next Monday for Pinned Down Monday!

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