Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinned Up Monday!

Good Morning!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend... I had an interesting weekend... I broke my ankle!  Yup.  So, on top of the slipped vertebra in my lower back, I'm hobbling around in an air cast.  Which is an improvement, I was on crutches over the weekend, which wasn't feeling very good with my back!

Soo, when I first became best friend with Pinterest, I saw this...
And I immediately thought of my BFF, Jen.  She's originally from here (CA) and now resides in Kentucky.  I thought that it would be cute to make state pillows for people that love where they live and/or where they came from.

I thought that a state loving pillow cover could be very fun, so I made a few to sell in my shop!  I used my Silhouette Cameo and Flocked Heat Transfer for this - I love the way it turned out!  Take a look!

I used my yellow and white chevron fabric and sewed the cover first.  I formatted the state on my Silhouette and then added the heart.

I really really really like the look of the gray and yellow!  Since my BFF is in Kentucky, I made a KY pillow for her, I thought that the 2 pillows would look good together...
I thought that I would like the yellow on red, but the red pattern is noticeable through the state and I am not a fan of that!  I may do another layer of the yellow on top of the yellow state - I think I can do 3 layers of the heat transfer...

The best part is that I can do all of the states!  And some countries!  I love my Silhouette!  I'm planning on sending these pillow across the country tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed my Pinterest moment!

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