Thursday, May 31, 2012

Foodie Week Extended - Margarita Margarita Salsa


Today I'm sharing the absolute best salsa recipe ever!  EVER!  One of my bestfriends, Margarita gave my Dad her Mom's recipe back in high school and we've been using it ever since - it's never not delicious!  I think it was easier to give my Dad (who's a salsa-addict) the recipe rather than constantly bring over bottle after bottle after bottle after vat of homemade salsa!  Here ya go...

Margarita Margarita Salsa Recipe

5 tomatoes
1 Jalapeno
1-2 Serrano Chile's
Garlic Salt
Kosher Salt
*Onion (optional)


Boil tomatoes, jalapeno and chile's until the skin starts coming off of the tomatoes.

Remove from heat and drain.  Peel tomatoes and take the stems off of the jalapeno and chile's.

Place tomatoes, jalapeno & chile's into blender or food processor along with garlic salt and kosher salt.  Add a small amount of water, less than 1/4 C at a time, and blend on low until well blended.

Taste for flavor.  Add salt - you may need more - its up to you.  Once you've added salt, add cilantro leaves and pulse.  Don't over mix.

*We add onion to ours because we like it, but it's not in the original recipe.  I quarter half an onion and add it to the blender before adding the cilantro...*

And that's it!  I over mixed this batch, I like it chunkier than I made it... I also forgot and added the cilantro before tasting... I usually try to do this off of memory and sometimes I mix things up a little. 

Thanks, Margarita, for always sharing your family recipes, family, laughter and love with me! 

That's it for Foodie Week!  Yay!  I'll be back Saturday with a fun, weekend project for your kiddo's to enjoy!

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