Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinned Up Monday's - Water Pillows!


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I know I did, my boys know what Mommy likes and they did it all with a smile! 

Since we dedicated some time last week to Mom, this week I'm sharing crafts or activities for kids!  With Summer quickly approaching, I've been on the lookout for fun, inexpensive and educational activities... I've found quite a few!  Today I'm sharing a super cool and inexpensive outside activity that you can do with your little ones, let's take a look!

{photo courtesy of via pinterest}

This looked like so much fun, I couldn't wait to try it on a hot day (we've had plenty of those lately!).  So I grabbed the supplies, I bought the plastic sheeting at Home Depot, grabbed my husband's duct tape and we went to work...

Our HD didn't have a large supply of plastic sheeting, they were out of almost all of it, so our water pillow isn't as large at the Pin-spried one... bummer... but it was still totally fun.

We taped off all the edges put left a little opening for our hose.  We folded one end just for ease so we wouldn't have to tape off all 4 edges.  I do wish that we would've done this on a flat surface, like our concrete patio, then we may have avoided the little wrinkles and maybe some water escapage.  Yep, that's a word for today.

We filled it with water, and somehow, the boy knew exactly what to do...

We called them Water Pillows... the Pin-spired one called them water sensory... either way, they're fun.

They jumped on the water pillow, did a little yoga, drove their cars... they didn't need any instructions and I'm pretty sure this would've gotten us through an entire afternoon...

Even Rango got in on the action.  I walked out into the backyard after putting my little water monster's down for nap and Rango was lounging on the water pillow.  Yes, look at his back legs, he doesn't get much more relaxed.  He cooled off and drank the run-off water... I think he was on the water pillow the whole time the boys were napping! 

That's it for me today!  We'll see you later this week!

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