Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Goody

Good Morning!

Happy hump day!  I don't know about you all, but I'm really looking forward to this weekend... I asked for a very specific breakfast on Mother's Day and have drool running down my chin just thinking about it!

And speaking of Mother's Day, I wanted to share a simple, pretty little goody that you can make and give to any special Mommy this Sunday.  We have a Mother's Day tradition in our family, where all the ladies get together for a Mother's Day tea at our favorite tea house, Barbara's Victoria Tea House, the weekend before Mother's Day.  My Grandma, Aunts, Mom, Sister's-in-laws, Mother-in-laws, cousins, pretty much all of us ladies!  We've been doing this for years now, and every year I look forward to visiting and sharing, and, of course, the yummy food!  I normally try to make a little something for my amazing family, and this year I came up with these...

I know, it's a little hard to see in the cello - I forgot to take a photo of the finished gift!  Geez!  But, it's a t-shirt flower embellishment.  It's just like a brooch, only I see it as more of a embellishment because you see all of those embellished t-shirts all over that have ruffles or flowers and I was going for the same idea.  Here's what I did!

I grabbed a few packages of Jolee's flowers, Cosmo Cricket's Glubers, felt, brooch pins, scrap paper, a pencil and a hot glue gun.  The package comes with 2 sets of flowers (cluster of 3), but you could always break those apart if you wanted to get more from a package.

I laid one of the flower clusters and traced around it.  It's a rough trace ;)

I then cut out the traced image and made sure that my flower cluster fit on top.  Trim where necessary.  This is my pattern for my felt lining for the back of the flowers.

I then traced my pattern on to felt and cut the backings out.

Now I have all of my flower clusters, my Glubers, my felt backings and strips of felt to cover the brooch pens and my brooch pens.  I'm all ready to assemble.

I used my Glubers to put the felt backing on the flowers.

I then hot glued the brooch pens to the felt.  I took a strip of felt and covered the pen just for reinforcement and a nicer look.

Next, put it in a cello bag filled with shred and attach a tag!  You're done!  I'll get a better photo of the flower brooch soon and add it to my next post!  Anyways - this project was simple, quick and inexpensive - my favorite kind of projects!  And I think they turned out super cute! 

I'll be sharing a post tomorrow and Friday, so check back in!  I'm sharing a teaching appreciate project tomorrow and Mother's Day tags Friday!

See you tomorrow!

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