Monday, May 7, 2012

Pinned Up Monday's!

Phew!  I didn't forget this week!  I've been waiting and waiting and waiting... and trying to decide which Pinterest inspiration I wanted to share!  I have a few saved up!  But, I decided to go with... Wedding goodies!

I know, I know... you might be thinking... wedding?  Isn't she married?  But you might remember me sharing photos from a Bridal Shower that I threw a little while back... well, of course, the wedding follows!  Here's one of my Pinterest inspirations...

{Photo courtesy of via Pinterest}

Kerry, the Bride and now my Sister-in-Law, decided that she wanted to do programs for the wedding without spending a bundle of money.  We saw these programs with the burlap fringe and figured they'd be cute and simple for me to reproduce.  Here's our version...

Kerry cut the burlap into strips and did more of a wave than a scallop.  I sized and printed out the wording for the programs while Kerry picked out the patterned paper from my stash that she liked.  We then cut down all of the paper and I stacked everything together and sewed a quick straight stitch down the side.  Viola!

My other Pinterest inspiration was this...

{Photo courtesy of via Pinterest)

Since there was 1 four year old and 1 three and a half year old as ring bearers... well... we knew that they wouldn't be carrying the rings down the aisle.  Kerry also didn't want them dropping rose petals... so I thought that waving a flag would be cute and fun and would add a little something to them walking (running) down the aisle.  And since my son was one of the afore mentioned, I figured a flag would be right up his alley...

I used my silhouette to cut out "Here comes the Bride" with Heat Transfer Fabric.  I made the flags from left over canvas and, to give them more substance, iron-on adhesive fleece lining.  I then used a purple (I know, it looks kinda blue here) and white dot fabric as a sleeve for the flag pole to rest in.  The flag is double sided so that everyone knew what was happening next!  I believe that my little one waved the flag so fast that the words were a blur while the other bearer had the flag in one hand and a glazed twist donut in the other... but that's the stuff that makes a wedding memorable in my opinion!

Well, that's it for me today!  I'll be sharing a Teacher's Appreciation or End of the Year Project and a few Mother's Day projects the rest of the week so check back in!

Happy Monday!

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