Monday, July 15, 2013

Police Obstacle Course! Summer Fun!!

Good Morning!

Well, Friday I posted some fun, outdoor summer activities for the kiddos... you know, dulldrum busters?  Well, I was so inspired, that I combined some of the ideas to make a full out Police Obstacle Course for my two favorite little guys!  If you'd noticed, Lil' A is pretty gunhoe on becoming a Police Officer/ SWAT Team Member/ Game Warden/ Sherrif... and my nephew, Aidan, is planning out his super hero career day to day, so I thought a way to hone their skills would keep them happy and busy!

Here's your Mission, if you choose to accept it:

Complete each obstacle in order to reach and release the prisoners.

Obstacle 1:
Make your way through the hanging obstacles (pool noodles) without touching the obstacles.  Once through, run to...

Obstacle 2:
Test your coordination and balance by crossing the balance beam.  Keep'er steady, steady now!  Run to...
Obstacle 3:
Grab your squirt gun, NERF fun or sling shot and take aim!  Hit the ping pong balls off the golf tees and then move onto...
Obstacle 4:
Move through the tunnel as fast as possible, be ready to be on your feet in a flash and move onto...
Obstacle 5:
Watch your step!  Be ready to move under, over and all around the trip wires!  Don't let them touch you anywhere so you can climb on up the rock wall, slide down and run over to...
Obstacle 6:
Since you've already mastered shooting ping pong balls on the ground, lets change directions and shoot whiffle balls hanging from the tree - get all of them before running over to...
Your final obstacle!  Let's see if you're a Marksman by shooting and hitting all point sections on the bulls eye!  Don't move on until you hit the center circle!  And now run as fast as you can and...
Phew!  Greeny (Angels Mitt) and Goofy were imprisoned by some serious bad guys but you've proven that good triumphs over evil! 
And you've earned the Serious Police Face, my future Law Enforcer!
For anyone out there interested in creating a similar obstacle course, here's what you'll need:
(Dollar Tree Store)
Rope (2-3 rolls depending on the size you want your trip wire/laser course)
Ping Pong Balls (I got 3 packs of 8)
Pool Noodles
Sling Shot
Squirt Guns
Golf Tee's
NERF guns
Whiffle Balls
Other Supplies:
Tunnel (large box or something they can crawl through)
Paper for Bulls eyes
Just be creative... the kids will find a way to make 300 different games from this one course so don't worry too much about it.  I believe that the ping pongs were alligator eggs and the tunnel was a tree trunk home for the boys...  kids are so good at that! 
* course could be Olympic, Mountain Man, Super Hero theme - just think about what your Lil's like best!
Have a great day and give your best cop face a chance!

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