Friday, July 12, 2013

Summertime Boredom Busters Round-up

Good Morning!

We're half-way through summer here in CA... which means we're half-way through "I'm bored" or "Mom, will you play with me??" and my favorite, "I don't have anything to do!" to which my normal response is "You have a bazillion toys, just play!" and to which I hear "But they're not the right toys!".  To which I have to tramp down my immediate response of "Well, then lets give all your toys to a boy or girl who will play with them!" and try to give a positive directive, like "Why don't you go out and build a construction site with your dump trucks?" or "How about you color/paint/play with play dough/help me bake/make dinner/do legos/etc etc etc."

My sweet nephew Aidan is coming over today and I decided to get a head start on avoiding the doldrums... so I went to my Pinterest "For the Kiddos's" board and started planning out a few projects we can do today... and I figured there's probably a few other parents out there who might be wanting to avoid the same thing, so why not share?

1.  Six Sisters Stuff:  There's actually 50(!) ideas in this one post!  Everything from an Art Show to Sponge Bulls Eye to Ice Cream in a bag... If you can't find anything here, then you're in trouble!

2.  Easy Home DIY: 20 Ways to Use a Pool Noodle... and you can get pool noodles at the Dollar Tree or 99Cent Store?  Sounds like a solid investment to me!

3. Live Craft Eat: Homemade Flubber!  Awesome!

4. Bright Star Kids:  Fun Canvas Art for Kids... I'd love to see what colors the boys would choose, they'd love the tape part and I'd love to have art for the playroom!

5. Word Playhouse:  Block Bowling... they describe this as an inside activity, but I think it could be either way... in fact, I think I'd prefer the loud crashing of blocks to be outside or in the garage at least!  Best part is the boys can help me make them and then play with them!

6. Planet of the Apels: My boys love a good squirt gun... why not amp it up a notch and have them actually work on their hand-eye coordination by trying to knock off a ping pong ball from a tee?  Genius!  And, if you don't have a wooden block to hold the tees, just stick the tees in the ground!  I'm thinking obstacle course!

And, if you need every more ideas, check out some KPS favorites from the past!

Here's to hoping you avoid the doldrums today!  Have a great weekend!

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