Friday, August 27, 2010

Card 15: 30 Days

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Well, we are half-way through our 30 Days of cards and today I'm going to show you a card that is kind of a repeat, hope you don't mind... I'll explain as I go!

I made another Halloween Card yesterday, and it looks an awful lot like a Hallowe'en Card from last week, which was totally my plan! I was looking at the Mad Hatter Hallowe'en Card and just felt like something was missing, something was off... I had plenty of embellishments (possibly too many??) but I wanted more texture, so I made another card and I love this one even more than the 1st Had Hatter Card. So, my point is, if you create a card and you like it but after a few days or so, you start thinking about how it could look better, then go ahead and use your original as a sketch and create another card that's similar but that has everything you want in it! Use your own designs as your jumping point, or inspiration!

(Hallowe'en Card)

So, I'll tell you the changes in my NEW Mad Hatter Card. I took a 4.25x5.5 in. burgundy solid and embossed it with a Cuttlebug small dot folder and glued it towards the left side of the card - you can see it behind the frame. I also double matted the Eerie paper just for more dimension. I also used Melissa Frances Glass Glitter on the frame instead of the Black Stickles, it just pops way more (I felt like the black Stickles got lost). I backed my frame with a chipboard frame for more stability, I also backed my Rabbit and Tea Party cards with chipboard. I decided against the "31" and instead added a key hole since so much as to do with keys fitting into doors in Wonderland.

So, that's it. This card has everything that I wanted, I don't think that I'll do another one again... but we'll see in a week!!

See you all tomorrow - and sorry, it's another Halloween Card but it has Embossing again; my new favorite technique!

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