Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shop Hopping, Return of 30 Days of Cards

Hi Everyone!

Well, this is a super quick post to let you know that 30 Cards: 30 Days will ressume tomorrow! I'm not feeling 100% but I am feeling super inspired so... let the cards return!

I'm not sure if everyone is familiar with "Shop Hopping", but it's a fun program where Scrapbook Stores participate in a "Hop", which is where patrons get a book, badge and a charm bracelet and they have 2 weeks to go to all the participating stores in your area. So far we've gone to 15 stores in SoCal, and we still want to go to the LA stores and the San Diego stores! Phew! It's kind of a contest, depending on how many stores you attend you get entered into drawings, all the stores have a theme (this year the category is "Movies") so it's really fun! And you get sooo inspired by seeing what other stores have to offer, along with their store samples! Anyways - here's a picture of our hopping yesterday! I went with my Mom, Sis-in-law, toddler son (2.5 yrs) and toddler nephew (3 yrs) - we were very brave and had a great day!

(Kat Studios, Glendale)

See you tomorrow!!!

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