Sunday, August 29, 2010

Card 17: 30 Days

Card 17 - as masculine of a card that I can make (I did add stickles, I just can't help myself)! It's funny, I was a total tomboy growing up, I played softball, preferred tennis shoes and flip flops to any sort of ballet flat or anythig with flowers on it. I did NOT like pink or purple at all (pink is my fav now), my teenager room was black, white and blue with pops of pink (I compromised with my Mom, she really wanted me to be girly). I did like make-up and clothes but would not wear prints and preferred black (I wasn't goth as all, I think I just understood that black is slimming), but I would not wear a dress until one day I totally manipulated my Mom and said "Okay, if I wear a dress once every few weeks will you always buy me whatever dress I want??", to which she agreed and I decided to live in dresses as a college student just for the ease of it (we live in So.Cal, the weather lends itself to dresses nicely). Anyways, I just find it amusing that now I can't seem to do anything without a feminine touch - like this Grandparents Day Card with glitter.

(On Papa's Team Card)

I made this card for my little cub to give to my Dad for Grandparents Days (Sept. 12) and it's pretty basic. I took a 4.25 x 5.5 white solid card base, then matted it with another white solid and then matted it again with another white solid but embossed it with small dots. I then used a blue/white patterned paper and die cut clouds from my Silhouette SD. I inked them in blue and then glued 2 of them down but then popped up the 3rd one with foam tape. I then took a small piece of brown burlap and cut it into 2 hill shapes - I didn't do a perfect cut or even try for one because I wanted it to look a little rugged, I adhered it with Scrappy Glue. I then took an orange patterned piece and cut out a Dump Truck with the Silhouette and added some black tires, I used foam tape again to pop it up. I added Diamond Glaze to the dump truck to give it more dimension. I then tied a thin piece of green/white ribbon around the bottom and tied a simple knot. I cut "PAPA" from QK Chicken Noodle and adhered it to the top of the card. The inside reads "Thanks for picking me for your team", which is a saying that my Dad always uses with his grandchildren "You're on Papa's team, huh, Buddy?". It's a very simple and easy card, you could change it around and instead of doing a dump truck, do flowers or a basket of apples depending on your theme!

Happy Sunday! I'm off to Collective Journey's today to teach the Lazy Days of Summer Mini-Album!

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