Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the 1st Day of Pinterest

My crafty love gave to me...

Lots of books to read!

Today I'm starting off with an Advent Calendar idea that's different from your typical candy or toy Advent.  Here's the pin that I found on Pinterest.

{Photo curtesy of via Pinterest}

Once I saw that, I knew that I was going to start this tradition.  So, I went through our house and pulled all of the Christmas books that we owned and hid them so Adam wouldn't be able to read them for a few weeks.  We got down our Christmas decor boxes and I found some more books and was super excited!  Then, I told my Mother-in-Law my plan and asked if she had any Christmas/Winter books that she'd mind sharing... I hit the jack pot!
 She had books that were my husbands!  Isn't that awesome!  The Pokey Little Puppy?  Sigh.  Mickey's Christmas Carol was my favorite Christmas cartoon as a child... Does it get any better?
I ended up with 22 Christmas/Winter books.  I wrapped them all up (this took some time, it was pretty tedious) and I put them in an old picnic basket that is on our living room table.  I'm going to add some Hot Wheels to the mix so I can make my 25 items.  I thought about going to the library and checking out books but I'm pretty bad at turning items back in on time and always end up with a late fee!

I didn't number the books, I want Adam to be able to pick the books but I did put "Elf on the Shelf" out for tomorrow night - I want to start the countdown with that because I have lots planned for my 25 Day's of Pinterest with that Little Elf...

That little mischievous face inspires me to be naughty!  I'll see you all tomorrow where I'll be sharing my actual Advent Calendar and how I'm turning something fun into a learning tool as well!

See you tomorrow!


  1. As a teacher, I totally appreciate this! :) Great idea!

  2. As a former teacher, I feel the same way! :)