Friday, December 23, 2011

On the 23rd Day of Pinterest...

My crafty friend made for me...

Some yummy Reindeer and Snowman Donuts!

Here's the Pinterest inspiration...
{Pic courtesy of via Pinterest}

Now, I saw these reindeer on Pinterest a few months ago and made them for a fun event at Page's From the Heart but Adam asked if we could make them again, so I'm repeating the post for anyone who didn't see the last one!
We used Enteman's chocolate mini donuts and white powder donuts for our reindeer and showman.  We searched out all of the red and orange peanut M&M's for the noses and used pretzels for the antlers.
I used black gel for the eyes and mouths...
Aren't they cute?  And the best part is that your little one can help you with them... as long as you watch them with the M&M's and donuts!  And I'm talking about your significant other, not your child!
I'll see you tomorrow!

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