Saturday, December 3, 2011

On the 3rd Day of Pinterest...

My crafty love gave to me...

A fun way to decorate with magnets!
Here's my Pinterest inspiration...

{Photo courtesy of

via Pinterest}
I saw this photo and immediately thought of a box of red Christmas ornaments that we had just waiting to find a use for, magnets that I had in Craft Room and a little boy that would love this!  So, here we go!
I cut strips of my magnet into small, 1" sections.  Make sure your magnets are super strong if you're using glass ornaments... I would've preferred using shatterproof ornament's but I wanted to use what I had on hand.

You can use hot glue or any type of strong, clear drying glue and put a small amount on the back of your magnet.

Attach the magnet to your Christmas ornament.

You can leave it plain, or add a little bow.  I like the bow!

Display your ornaments on your fridge!  Festive!
There you go!  Remember, they do stick out, so if you're using glass ornaments, make sure to put them up high so that little people can't run by and knock them off the fridge!

Enjoy!  See you tomorrow for Day 4!

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