Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the 14th Day of Pinterest...

My crafty love gave to me...

Felt-tastic Pocket Hand Warmers!

Here's my Pinterest inspiration...

{Picture courtesy of via Pinterest}

These are rice filled fleece hearts that have been sewn up, you just pop them into the microwave for 25-30 seconds and then put them in your jacket pockets - they'll even stay warm for up to an hour!

Here's my heart warmers!

I went to Collective Journey's (amazing Scrapbook store in Redlands) and use their AccuCut to die cut these hearts in felt.  I cut all different colors; pink, purple, red, green, orange, cream... I also die cut mittens from the AccuCut and made the same type of warmers.

I put 2 rice filled hearts or mittens in cello bags with a little big of shred on the bottom and sealed them up with an instructional tag.
I gave a set of these to Adam's 2 teachers and I'll mail a few sets up to my Sister and Neice because they're in seriously cold weather!  These are great stocking stuffers and so simple to make - I think that I made 14 sets of 2 in under an hour! 

I'll see you tomorrow!

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