Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the 13th Day of Pinterest...

My crafty love gave to me...

A 10 minute wall decoration!

Here's my inspiration from Pinterest!

{pic courtesy of re-nest.com via Pinterest}

So, I love this deer... it's made from Japanese Wasabi Tape, which is a sheer-est tape that had fun patterns and it super easy to use.

I didn't have any Wasabi tape - some of you may be shocked (sister) since I seem to have random supplies, but I did have Martha Steward Fabric Tape!  The fabric tape is awesome!  It's a sticky-backed fabric that comes on a roll and it very easy to you.  You can pull it off the wall without any residual stickiness on the wall and you can reposition it!

Here's my spin...
I put this reindeer up in under 10 minutes - he resides over our fireplace!

The fabric tape is a fun brown and cream gingham - so cute!  And, of course, our deer is a reindeer with a very shiny nose!  I used a button and some foam tape for Rudolph's infamous nose!

That's it for today... I might add some more antlers, but we'll see!

See you back here tomorrow!

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  1. I love washi tape! The next time I'm at the Japanese bookstore, I'll have to pick you up some tape.